The Truth about Publishing

Getting work published


The Truth about Publishing is being organized on 10 July 2018 in the Delhi National Capital Region. It will actually be held at 7pm at the Tejeshwar Singh College of Publishing, which is apparently a part of Ashoka University just north of Delhi in Kundli on the road to Sonepat.

Covering topics on how to get published or work in the publishing industry, the event will start with a brief bird’s eye view of the industry in India, with a window to some key connections to the global industry. It will highlight current trends and emerging areas of interest in keeping with new technology as well as cutting-edge practices in the industry.

The second part of the talk will focus on the various aspects of book and journal publishing. It will go into some of the things to keep in mind as a budding author submitting a work for publication, as well as processes that are common to these two genres.

The third part of the talk will examine the various segments of a publishing office, and then focus on the editorial role. It will look at how the editor came into being historically, and then move to discussing how the editor’s role has increasingly become like that of a curator in these times of exacerbated and easy access to technology for all. The talk will end with some thoughts on writing and reading in the digital age, and an insight into the the vision and mission of the Tejeshwar Singh College of Publishing.

The article has been updated to give the location and time of the event on 10 July 2018