QuarkXPress 2018 to be launched on 16 May 2018

QuarkXPress 2018 to be launched on 16 May 2018

Quark has announced that QuarkXPress 2018, the next new full version of Quark’s graphic design and page layout software, will be launched on 16 May 2018. It will bring designers and creative professionals new typography, print and digital publishing features necessary to meet daily creative and productivity demands.

Over the past three years, Quark has added major features and functionality to QuarkXPress – and QuarkXPress 2018 is no exception.

The new features and functionality in QuarkXPress 2018 fall into a few main categories: unsurpassed typography, professional print and digital publishing, streamlined user interface (UI), and customer wish list features.

Under unsurpassed typography, it offers first-class OpenType controls, color fonts support, upgraded font listing and hyphenation strictness levels.

Under professional print publishing category, it offers direct InDesign IDML import, callas PDF print engine, tagged/accessible PDF and built-in modern JavaScript v8.

Unlimited digital publishing category offers features such as create Android Single apps, HTML5 export optimisations, digital preview improvements and grouped items interactivity.

Under streamline user interface, the software offers power user interface and vertical measurement palette.

And in the even more wish list features are digital-to-print conversion (Digital First Workflow), span footnotes over columns, different frames for each side of a box, 10 to 1000% print scaling, flip groups and more.

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