PM Digital Products installs Horizon finishing

PM Digital Products installs Horizon finishing
P Chellappan with the Horizon APC 610 Programmable Paper Cutter

Chennai’s PM Digital Products, headed by P Chellappan, has recently invested in and installed binding and cutting machines from Horizon. The first machine is the BQ-270V perfect book binder, which is a fully automatic binder suited even for single copy binding. It is an ideal choice for on-demand book printing and can bind about 500 books an hour. The other machine is a Horizon APC-610, which is a programmable hydraulic paper cutter.

As per Chellappan, both these machines are expected to increase PM Digital’s finishing capacity as well as reduce finishing times, thus saving on time as well as costs.

The BQ-270V offers high-quality production perfect binding with fully automated operation, push-button simplicity, and on-demand production of books with variable thickness. The binder features an automated, sensor-activated digital caliper system which consistently measures book block thickness and automatically transfers this data to the binder for quick, automated set-up with no cycle lag time for books of different thicknesses. The machine has been designed to meet the needs of the short-run, print-on-demand book market.

Chellapan 2

Horizon BQ-270V

With a capacity for producing up to 500 books an hour, the BQ-270V offers automatic air-suction cover feeding with in-line scoring, a large 10.4-inch intelligent color touchscreen, job programming, and a compact configuration.

The APC-610 is a top-of-the-line hydraulic paper cutter that offers an extremely accurate cutting quality. Featuring advanced set-up automation, the paper cutter has a programmable 5-inch icon-based touchscreen that displays all settings including sheet rotating direction. The APC-610 can store up to 99 steps and 200 jobs in the memory. The highly polished, chrome-plated work table virtually eliminates paper marking and provides a smooth, friction-free surface for lift travel. A high-performance back gauge screw and precision-forged linear raceway accurately positions the lift. A 2-speed motor system precisely positions the back gauge and ensures maximum cutting accuracy. It offers a maximum cutting width of 24 inches, a cutting height of 3.93 inches, and a maximum cutting depth of 24.4 inches, with the minimum being 0.98 inch.

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