The Rosette Imprint powered by PitStop and Epson digital press

The Rosette Imprint powered by PitStop and Epson digital press

Established in 2010, Mumbai-based The Rosette Imprint recently upgraded its PitStop software and installed an Epson digital press. The Rosette Imprint provides a range of personalized products and prints of over 9,000 designs on products such as bags, pouches, tiffin boxes, mobile covers and more.  

Anuj Agrawal, proprietor of the firm, says, “We started off by providing digital proofs to publishing houses and soon went on to become an on-demand print service provider for specific products, which are now expanded to over 300 products for school-going children.”

The Rosette Imprint has also partnered with Shree Book Centre. The book printing jobs of Shree Book Centre are handed over to different printers based in Western and Southern India. Agrawal oversees the in-house publishing department and printers that do the job work. Earlier, the print-ready files were sent to printers and Agrawal would have to face much difficulty owing to errors and delays in jobs. “Even after coordinating with printers for months, we never had the correct file.. After using the PitStop, our time has reduced from two months to a week,” he says.

PitStop helps in precise color handling, minimizing the file size and various other functions. A rendering engine is added that allows full ink coverage check, including transparencies and overprinted object. With the minimum file size feature, the unused data from a print-ready file can be removed. For instance, for a 16-page of 1 GB file, it becomes heavy as it stores color information. In case black color is used by combining CMYK, it is replaced using a single color black. This reduces the file size and leads to faster processing. Shree Book Centre manages editorial content and images using Adobe products and checks the file in PitStop for any errors before sharing it with the printer.

Agrawal feels if PitStop can be used as a standard module or if users can change the configuration depending on usage, it helps to enhance the color, outlines, text matter and result. To drastically reduce the repetitive step for the approval of color, Agrawal also installed an Epson WF R8591 digital press supported by Oris color management software.

“Earlier, we were printing proofs on a 23 x 36 inch Epson 7880 printer. Although it yielded good resolution, it consumed an hour to produce six sheets. The newly installed Epson press takes only A3 sheets and prints 24 sheets in a couple of minutes, so the work we used to do in an hour is accomplished in minutes. Although the new machine is a 4-color printer, any color output can be managed using Oris software,” he states. Oris takes the color input values from a print-ready file and balances the gray to produce a smoother print as well as control the ink on the paper.

Different profiles for every substrate including art paper, art card, maplitho and others are fed into the software to get the print result upon the substrate. “Once the file is generated, we check the colors on the substrate. Our print service providers find it easy to work with our error-free files. As per the existing workload, we need a high-end digital press, but we can comfortably manage our jobs using the existent system,” Agrawal concludes.

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