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In April 2017 Indian Printer and Publisher entered its 39th year as a monthly trade publication. Can it remain a relevant and coherent window to technology change in the content creation, publishing, communication and printing industries? Keep in mind that while commercial print stagnates in the rest of the world, India’s newspaper and book markets still have plenty of room to grow as far as ink on paper. Side by side the digital printing market grows as do alternate channels of web and social media.

What are the main dynamics of the Indian print industry? First of all India is a functional democracy – at times chaotic and with many constraints but one in which freedom of expression and media and education are evolving and growing. It has a huge population becoming literate and a significant part of the population migrating from being functionally literate to becoming productively literate and engaging in intellectual and knowledge based industries.

Newspaper penetration is still around 10% of the population and 15% of the literate population. This will continue to increase to a level where 150 newspaper will be distributed daily. Schools will continue to grow and vocational and higher education will continue to deepen with a higher consumption of intellectual content and products and services. The Indian population is migrating to urban areas from rural and agricultural areas while productive capital is moving from highly developed urban centres to newly developed urban and semi-urban centres.

India is now a high growth economy with GDP growth hovering around 7% and projected to rise to 7.5% in the 2017-18 financial year. The US$ 2.1 trillion economy is now the 7th largest in the world (and this figure does not include a shadow economy estimated to be US$ 1.5 trillion. At the same time, paper consumption at approximately 11 kilograms per capita puts India far below other Asian countries with plenty of headroom to grow. The paper industry is itself estimating its current growth rate at 8%.

Context is everything
Indian Printer and Publisher
looks at the industry from three perspectives – applications, technology and the content, media and print supply chain. Focussed on content creators and buyers of software, equipment and consumables, we create an appropriate context for talking about your product when readers are most keenly looking for them. We try to describe where new products and technology fit in the local supply chain and how and what they do. Our stories articulate our reader’s expansion plans and the challenges they face. Their challenges, constraints, successes and insights create an ideal context for our advertisers to make an impact.

Tech savvy editorial content has earned us the power to influence. Because we are committed to original content, we add credibility and impact to your marketing efforts. Indian Printer and Publisher doesn’t merely report or reproduce press releases – it is read and respected for its domain knowledge and its informed opinions and independence in speaking out on industry issues. If you are looking for a measured platform to build market share, with a monthly circulation of 8,000 copies, Indian Printer and Publisher should be your partner of choice. The monthly is posted on the 24th and 25th day of each preceding month, while its web site is updated every day and a weekly newsletter goes out every Monday afternoon. Similarly, Packaging South Asia addresses the packaging industry over a slightly larger geography.

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