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Perfect price for quick deal Man-Roland 705 3B L

Posted on Thursday, 23 November 2017. Posted in Sheetfed . Written by IPP Desk

Perfect price for quick deal Man-Roland 705 3B L

Sheetfed offset Machine
Age: 1997 Size: 104 x 74 Colors: 5 Impressions: 75 mio
Man-Roland 705 3B L
Year: 1997
Max size: 740 x 1040 mm
Colors: 5 L
auto plate
auto wash
Imp count: 75 mil
No damages on gears or cylinders
Good working condition
Available immediately
In production

Window Patching Machine
Age: 1980 Size: 80 x 80 Colors: Impressions: mio
Max. Size : 80x80
Speed : 170 m/min
Overhaul : yes
Condition : Good
Min/max cardboard size with 1 track:
Min. 120x80mm - Max. 80x80mm
Min/max cardboard size with 2 tracks:
Min. 120x80mm - Max. 80x40mm

Cardboard support with automatic pneumatic disconnection
Transparent film cut lenghts infinite adjustment possible
Rubber stereos easily applied onto cylinder, blank transportation by chain system
Suction/blower cylinder for film application onto cardboard
Suction/blower cutter block cylinder to facilitate accurate cutting
Delivery belt independent of machine
Wheels out in longitudinal direction.

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