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Pamex 2017 at BEC in Mumbai from 18 to 21 December

Pamex’17 road shows in 10 towns in Maharashtra!!

Posted on Monday, 30 October 2017. Posted in PAMEX 2017, Prepress, Pressroom, Events, Packaging

Pamex’17 road shows in 10 towns in Maharashtra!!

Pamex 2017 is all geared up to host 10 Grassroot Contact Programs in the towns and cities of Maharashtra to promote the exhibition from 18 to 21 December 2017 at the BEC in Goregaon in Mumbai. The grass root programs from 29 October to 29 November will bring together printers in and around these towns to talk about technical advances in the print industry. The meetings will also disseminate the latest information about the activities at the Pamex exhibition. The Pamex’ 17 Grassroot Contact events are taking place in Ichalkaranji on 29 October; Kudal 30 October; Solapur and Pandharpur on 5 November; Later and Barshi on 6 November; Ahmednagar and Jalna on 24 November; Chikli/Buldana on 25 November; and, in Akola on 26 November 2017.  

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