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AWA and Chemsultants combine their skills

Posted on Monday, 11 September 2017. Posted in Events, Packaging Production . Written by PSA Desk

AWA and Chemsultants combine their skills

The International Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Workshop, organised by AWA Alexander Watson Associates in co-operation with Chemsultants International, will take place at the Park Plaza Vondelpark, Amsterdam, NL, on 6 and 7 November. Participants from across various segments, including sales, marketing, research, technical support, quality control and production, can benefit from this technical primer, whether they are newcomers to the world of pressure-sensitive adhesives, spanning labels, tapes, and many industrial end uses, or industry professionals looking for a technical briefing.

Covering all the basics of pressure-sensitive adhesive products, including their design, manufacture, conversion and end use, the two-day program will also provide participants with an understanding of the various market sectors where pressure-sensitive adhesives find use as well as the capabilities of the different adhesive types—solvent, hot melt and emulsion—and their different applications.

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Established 14 years ago, the International Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Workshop alternates in a two-year cycle between Europe and the USA, and brings together the specialist technical expertise of Chemsultants International and the focussed in-depth knowledge of market researchers AWA Alexander Watson Associates. The workshop program can be viewed on AWA Alexander Watson Associates’ website,, where potential participants can also register.

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