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Printing Equipment

Posted on Wednesday, 17 January 2018. Posted in Sheetfed . Written by IPP Desk

Printing Equipment

2006-Ryobi 754-P-4 color- 60 x 79 cm
Ryobimatic, SAPC, PCS-G, PDS-E,
Preset(Lateral, Circum., Paper thickness, Printing pressure), Plate Cocking, Roller washer, Blanket washer, Suction tape feeder, Double cylinder,-No damages, Perfecter(4 0,2 2),
Paper size: 788x x 600 /-Print area: 765 x 545 /Plate size: 770 x 605(mm)
Total impression: 8 mio. onlyCurrent State: In production
Very special price- US$125,000 C&F your seaport-

2007 Heidelberg CD-102-6+LX SE -6-Color (72cm x 102cm),+ coater-
Inline Coater, Preset Feeder, Preset Delivery, Classic Center Console, AutoPlate, Alcolor VARIO, Technotrans Ink Temperature Control and Refrigeration, Automatic Washers, DryStar 2000 Dryer, PowderStar AP500, High Pile Extended Delivery, 147 mm Impressions Available IMMEDIATELY
US$695,000 C&F your seaport--- in 3 containers

1988 Komori L-526- 5 color- 50 x 66 cm
PQC console- Komori matics
Price- US$52,500-loaded..

2002- Heidelberg SM-74-6+L- 6 color- 52 x 74 cm + coater-straight-
plate punch---preset link---Technotrans--215 mm imp
Special - US$194,500- C&F your seaport-------I pay shipping of 2 containers.

1999-HEIDELBERG SM-74-8-P-H- 8 color- 52 x 74 cm
CPC 1.02---Alcolor---Autoplate-SuperBlue-
PerfectJacket---Grafix Alphatronic 200 Powder Spray--Technotrans
m imp.---Availability:Immediately
special reduction-US$135,000 loaded...

2002 Shinohara 75-V-P-+L- Coater- 5 color- 52 x 75 cm
Shino console- Shinomatics
Coater , autoplate-autowash
Price- US$119,500-loaded
Reduced- US$115,000 loaded.

1993 Roland 806-LE- - 6 color + coater-
RCI console- Rolandmatics.

1986 Roland 806-5-M-5 color+coater-- 100 x 130 cm-
RCI console- Rolandmatics-
DeVries IR dryer- ESS spray- linear fountain keys
134 mm impressions.---can be inspected

1999 Ryobi 524 HX- 4 color- 36 x 52 cm
Ryobi console -Ryobimatics
50 million impressions
special price-US$39,500- C&F your seaport-

1999 Heidelberg SM-52-6- 6 color- 37 x 52 cm
-CPC-1-04 ---Alcolor
autoplate ---autowash --Cp-Tronic
Price- US$99,500-loaded
reduced- US$92,500- loaded.

1995-Heidelberg SM 102-5-P2- 5 color- 72 x 102 cm
CPC 1-04--CP Tronic
185 million impressions
Autoplate-Auto washers
Alcolor dampening
Technotrans refrigeration
Grafix Exatronic Plus
Perfecting 1+4 / 5+0
Air-cooled-Under power-Available immediately
Price: US$157,500- Loaded on transport / container.

1997 Komori L-528-LX- 5 color -52 x 72 cm+ coater
PQC console ---Komorimatics
autoplate ---autowash
56 mm imp --plate punch & bender
Tri-Service --Royse R&R tanks
excellent condition-very low usage.
In production-Available: Immediately
Price- US$139,500-loaded
special reduced- Price- US$129,500---loaded in container

1995 Komori L-640-CX, 6 color- 72 x 102 cm coater
PQC console,--Komorimatics-
Tower Coater extended delivery,- Royse,
Oxydry,--plate punch,-Automatic plate changers,
Oxydry, -151 mm imp.
Price- US$135,000---loaded
reduced- US$119,900-loaded.

2000 Mitsubishi 3H-8-TC+ED8 color -72 x 102 cm + coater
Mitsubishi 8c colour 3H tower coater with extended delivery.
Semi automatic plate changers, Roller and blanket washers,
formatting, anilox coater, Delta Dampening, roller chilling,
X rite scanner, Ink Sentinel system-Press also has a complete Graphix UV system
currently not on the press.-220 million revolutions
Price- US$275,000

1993 Heidelberg GTO-V-52 - 4 color - 36 x 52 cm straight
Alcolor Dampening-Royse R&R
Weko Powder sprayer--40-MM imp
Can be print tested available now and ready to move.
Price- US$39,500---C&F your port-

1978 Komori Sprint - 425- BP- 4 color- 49 x 65 cm
Standard - conventional - spray
Price- US$14,750- loaded in container.

1998-Shinohara 66-IV-P - 4 color- 50 x 66 cm
Shinomatic, Semi-APC, Ink remote controller,
Preset(Lateral, Circum.), Cocking, -Blanket washer, Roller washer,
Chromed cylinder, Double cylinder-Bender, High pile delivery Perfecter(4+0,2+2),
Total impression:123 mio.---Available: Jan.
Price- US$79,000---C&F your port-
reduced- US$75,500- C&F port-

1993- Heidelberg CD-102-S+ LX- 6 color-72 x 102 cm coater extended.
CPC-1-03 ---Alcolor ---Cp-Tronics
Baldwin --no autoplate --213 mm imp. --autowash blankets
Note- this press was reconditioned with US$40,000--.-with Heidelberg mechanics
Price: US$209,500-LOT------reduced- US$199,500--C&F port.----
---I pay US$25,000 to dismantle---to load in 3 containers and to ship the 3 containers to your port-
NOW- for fast deal- US$169,500-C&F final price----

2000- HEIDELBERG SM-102-5-P-3-H- 5 color- 72 x 102 cm
CP-2000---Alcolor---Autoplate-214 mm imp.
Preset---Autowash--Perfector 2/3--Powder Spray
Price- US$199,500- loaded.

1992 Shinohara 66-IV-P-- 4 Color -50 x 66 cm
ShinoConsole--Shinomatic Damps
R/R ---Stream Feeder---Plate Punch
Price- US$39,500 loaded in container
Special- US$39,500-C&F your port-

2009-SHINOHARA 66 IV--4 colours--48 x 66cm
SAPC, ---Shinomatic Dampening, --Shino console
Baldwin Cooling System, Ink Remote Control, 26 MM imp.
Rollers, Blankets and Impression Cylinders Washers, Powder Spray
Price- US$135,000 loaded
reduced- US$129,950-C&F your port-
reduced- US$124,500 C&F your port-

1999 Heidelberg SM52-4P3-H - 4 color- 37 x 52 cm-High Pile
CPC 1.04 - CP-Tronics
Vacuum Feed Table--Alcolor Damps---Royse R/R
Grafix Spray - HD IR Dryer-Plate Punch & Bender
Auto Wash - Chilled Rollers----55 million imp.----
Price- US$85,000 C&F your seaport---

1996-Roland 306-LVT- 6 color- 60 x 74 cm coater
-RCI console --Rolandmatics --Grafix spray
-IR dryer --plate punch --autoplate
-autowash ---reconditionned 30 months ago.
-perfector 1/5 , 2/4 -never used-175 mm imp
Price- US$99,000 loaded-
reduced to US$87,500-loaded..

5 COLOR -37CM X 52CM
Price- US$112,500---C&F port-

1986 Bobst Autoplaten 130-E- 92 x 130 cm
Autodiecutter - with chases
Was reconditioned and not much used
Price- US$89,500---loaded
Reduced- US$82,500-loaded.-US$79,500-Loaded.

Equipos Graficos----Printing Equipment----Equipements D'Imprimerie
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