Polar’s new campaign for further industrialization of print finishing

Customers get Polar stack lift free of charge

Solo to System 200

Under German post-press solutions provider Polar’s new ‘Solo to System’ campaign for further industrialization of print finishing, qualified customers will receive a Polar stack lift free of charge.

The campaign supports the upgrade of an existing solo high-speed cutter (115/137 N/XT/ED) to a CuttingSystem 200 consisting of the following additional peripheral equipment: jogger RA-4, Transomat for unloading TR-E 130-4/5, and the stack lift LW 1000-4.
Customers ordering a Transomat Unloader TRE 130-4 and a POLAR Jogger RA-4 will receive the stack lift LW 1000-4 free of charge if a high-speed cutter of the models mentioned above already exists at the respective customer site. The purchase of a complete CuttingSystem 200 (high-speed cutter, jogger RA-4, Transomat unloader TR-E 130-4, Lift LW 1000-4) also qualifies for participation in the campaign.

According to Polar, with the help of the peripheral equipment, CuttingSystems 200 produce up to 100 % more output than a solo high-speed cutter.

Polar said it has developed a tool that allows interested customers to check whether they are qualified for the free lift. This form and further information on the campaign are available at www.polarmohr.com/en/solo2system. Interested parties may use this form to request a tentative offer. The ‘Solo to System’ offer, which is subject to change, is valid for orders received by Polar from 6 July 2020, until 31 December, 2020.