Maintenance tips for Heidelberg presses

COVID-19 situation in India

Heidelberg 4-color sheetfed offset press

COVID-19 has led to a nationwide lockdown, threatening life and economy. Heidelberg urges everyone to rise in unison to break and beat COVID-19. It also urges to co-operate and support the lockdown, by not stepping out of your homes. Like most enterprises, print machinery in perfect condition.

General Maintenance

▪ Clean rollers and apply roller lubricant. Use machine oil, if roller lubricant is unavailable

▪ Clean ink ducts

▪ Drain Dampening Solution-tank and intermediate tank

▪ Clean roller wash-up tank, Apply roller lubricant on rubber tip

▪ Clean machine oil-drip tray

▪ Keep the machine area, and DS platform spick and span

▪ Remove flammable chemicals and put back in storage

▪ Dispose all waste rags after cleaning

▪ Park Feeder pile/ Delivery pile at the bottom

▪ Keep the Feeder/Delivery/Infeed free from dust and lubricate pile chain

▪ Clean Impression cylinder and apply thin coat of oil

▪ Safeguard the machine from dust, and rats/rodents with protective covering

▪ Install traditional/glue mouse-traps at the production room

▪ Grease gripper bars and apply thin coat of oil on gripper shafts

▪ Ensure that printing hand pallet trucks are parked in the proper position

▪ Check input voltage levels with the support of an electrical professional before powering on the press

Cleaning Coating-Unit (Water-base Solvents)

• Circulate lukewarm water for 30-40 minutes

• Clean printing rollers (Metering & form), and coating-pan tray

Cleaning Coating-Units (UV Inks & Coatings)

• Circulate IPA for 30-45 minutes

• Clean Doctor Blade chamber. Replace Doctor blade and end seals when necessary this will prevent chamber leaks and anilox roll damage

Special Care for Coating Unit Impression Cylinder gripper

• Clean and keep cylinder grippers lubricated

• Grease the gripper shaft and cam followers. Only UV grease to be used on UV machine grippers

Blankets and Plates

• Clean all plate cylinders and blankets, and apply a thin coat of oil

We also urge you to implement recommended safety measures in your office and shop-floor, to ensure that you and your colleagues remain unaffected by the pandemic.