WAN-IFRA highlights how newsrooms are tackling Covid-19

Newsrooms tackling the crisis

Newsrooms tackle the coronavirus crisis
Newsrooms tackle the coronavirus crisis

WAN-IFRA has created a website to highlight how newsrooms are around the world are tackling the Covid-19, with articles sourced from media journalists and curated sources. With each passing day of the Covid-19 crisis, journalism is showing, unequivocally, why it matters. Now, within the profession, much-needed solidarity is emerging. Editors within the World Editors Forum are drawing strength from each other: swapping experiences from their newsrooms, ideas on how to cope and organize, sharing the best of their content and, most importantly, getting emotional support and courage from fellow editors.

Meanwhile, newsrooms affected by the coronavirus pandemic can take a short survey on their newsroom’s status. WAN-IFRA will also organize webinars Covid-19: Ensuring the safety of field reporters on 26 March and Covid-19 Reporting: Ethics and Standards on 2 April.