London Book Fair Rights Catalogue on Indian writing

LBF participation guidelines made public

The London Book Fair
The London Book Fair

London Book Fair is a global platform for publishers and authors to showcase their work. At this year’s edition of the fair, select writings from Indian publishers will be presented to readers. India is the second largest English language publisher in the world.Recently, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) published a set of guidelines for participation at the Rights Table.

FICCI has decided to publish a Rights Catalogue, in association with London Book Fair, of select writings of Indian authors to present their work through Indian publishers on a national level. FICCI will provide a global stage to the Indian writings through the FICCI-LBF Rights Catalogue. A single publisher is allowed to submit multiple writings for the catalogue.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Palm Leaf Innovations is a publication firm based at Kochi, Kerala. Our aim is to reintroduce palm leaf manuscripts. Talapatras or Palm Leaves were used as a medium for writing thousands of years ago, by the Indian scholars for recording their invaluable knowledge for the posterity. However, the invention of the printing technology gradually paved the way for the fading out of these long cherished practice. The Talapatra granthas (palm leaf manuscripts) became relics of our rich cultural heritage.
    Talpatra granthas always evoke nostalgic feelings among Indians. Moreover, talpatra grantha is an integral part of Ashtamangalyam (eight auspicious materials), which is used in Kerala during auspicious rituals. It is from this context that Palm Leaf Innovations got the idea of reintroducing these granthas in a novel way.
    Palm Leaf Innovations published 5 titles in Malayalam and bagged Publishing Next Industry award for Printed Book of the year 2017, Limca record and URF world record.
    Here we present the HANUMAN CHALISA printed in Talapatra grantha form. The pages are made in such a way that they have the same look and feel of the ancient Talapatras. Hymns such as Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak, Hanumatstavan, Hanumat Pancharatnam, Anjaneyashtottarasatam, Hanumanji ki Aarti, Shri Ram vandana, Shri Ram stuti, Shri Ramavatar are also included in this work.The major scenes from the stories of Hanumanji based on Ramayana are depicted here in the old Talapatrachitra (illustrations on palm leaf) style.
    We would like to submit hanuman Chalisa to FICCI-LBF rights calalogue.

    Kindly send me the details


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