Team Pamex at Batala, Punjab

Protection and preservation of environment

Team Pamex in Punjab
Team Pamex in Punjab

During its general body meeting, the Association of Printers organized a seminar on the protection and preservation of the environment. The seminar was held at Batala Club on 18 August 2019 under the chairmanship of Hardip Singh Bhatia, president. Kamal Chopra, chairman of Pamex, was the chief guest. More than 85 printers from the city and surrounding areas attended the meeting.

S Harbakhash Singh, former president of the association, presented the environment issue and said that to ensure a sustainable future, one must assume responsibility for one’s actions and commit to create positive social and environmental changes. He suggested that education is the key to make it happen. Small adaptation in lifestyle can contribute towards the shrinking of carbon footprints.

S Gurmukh Singh presented a talk on water pollution and said that all of us are responsible for it. According to him, the groundwater is being affected because of our lifestyle. There is a need for rainwater harvesting, and at the same time, the system of irrigation needs to be altered. “We must take a lesson from Israel and start drip irrigation everywhere, which will not only save the water but is the proved best way of cultivation,” Singh said.

In his presentation, Chopra stressed the need to work together in a cluster and adopt the latest techniques and machinery to remain competitive in the market. he said that producing in largest quantities at minimum cost, and reducing waste is the only secret of success. Survival depends on either working together or creating something different to remain unaffected from the global competition. Chopra suggested the means and methods to produce innovatively using the present machines and materials to face the growing competition. He also stressed on the need to visit exhibitions and trade shows. Exhibitions are like knowledge centers, where one can learn the latest techniques and ways and means to withstand the increasing competition, he said.

Among others, the meeting was also attended by Barinder Singh, Chander Trehan, Manoj Khanna, Ishu Malhotra, Sarabjit Singh, Kamal Kumar, Suresh Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Kapil Chopra, Jairaj Singh, Sahil Khanna, and Kasturi Lal. All the members were presented with mementos and Hardip Singh Bhata was declared the winner of the punctuality gift.

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