20 years of Monotech

A letter by TP Jain of Monotech

TP Jain of Monotech
TP Jain of Monotech

20 years and it looks like yesterday – Exciting, Eventful, and Wonderful!

A happy journey which brought us in contact with many amazing people who became stakeholders, friends, mentors, guide and contributed immensely to navigate our path of innovation and success through technology and passion.

Monotech Systems is unison of Mono (#1) and Tech (Technology) and with a planet as part of its logo signifying expanding horizons.

It is gratifying that we have lived to our name by introducing cutting-edge technologies to the customers across every province of India and now in almost 20 countries around the globe. Reaching market leadership in India at different points of time during our journey in the fields of Prepress, Digital Printing, Wide Format/Industrial Digital Printing and Print Enhancement have been acknowledgements of trust and faith by our customers. We have successfully geared R&D, Manufacturing, Distribution, System Integration and Services as our core building blocks to provide products and solutions which have added value to our customers’ business.

R&D and Manufacturing has given a different dimension to Monotech Systems by building world-class products competing with the best in the world in the field of Inkjet technology, which is widely acknowledged as the future of the printing industry. We shall address Labels, Packaging, Security and Industrial Printing applications with our products to customers globally.

Distribution, System Integration and Services form the base of our operations in India and with formidable brand associations in the areas of Prepress, Press, Postpress, Digital Printing, Print Enhancement, 3D Printing, and Wide Format Printing, we shall strive to achieve/retain market leadership position in India.

I would like to profusely thank all our stakeholders, namely our customers, prospective customers, employees, principals, suppliers, service providers, bankers, friends and well-wishers for their trust, commitment and support always.

The true journey begins now as we are completing a process of big transformation and consolidation. We are on the path of an ambitious growth, in the next 5 years as we reach our Silver Jubilee year, by our continuous commitment to innovation through technology and passion.

Looking forward to be always step in step with you in our journey ahead.

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