Book promotions through blogging and networking

Masterclass on book networking


A masterclass on blogging and book reviewing by Arunava Sinha, editor at Scroll, was set up on Saturday, 30 April 2019. The event was attended by various authors, editors and publishers, where tips were shared on book promotion, reading a book for reviewing and related loopholes. The journey of book promotion was discussed along with the factors that influence it. A strong statement was made on building of pipeline and working on it.

Talks were held on book reviewers and bloggers about the nuances of book promotion. The Influencers session talked about the right way of promoting books as well as the elements that are important in order to build communities of influencers. Apart from reviewing a book, importance was laid on holding discussions, debates and having brainstorming session as part of book-selling techniques.

Sinha said, “Selling books comes from a space of personal connect. Advertising doesn’t do that trick; our relationship with advertising has been of mistrust and skipping the message.” The session was followed by a question-answer round with experts Meenakshi Singh, marketing manager, Bloomsbury India; Milee Aishwarya, publisher, Penguin India; Prabhat Ranjan, writer and founder, Jankipaul; and Sinha of Scroll.