Apsom displays UV printing machines at Media Expo 2018

Apsom Technologies at Media Expo

Apsom Technologies
Vir Vikram Bhatia, managing director of Apsom Technologies. Photo IPP

Apsom Technologies is a leading solution provider for the signage and textile industry. The company has been a  regular participant at every edition of Media Expo ever since the launch of the show.

“This year, the main focus of our company in conjunction with the trend in the industry is UV printing. Lately there have been many issues that were raised about the impact of solvents on the environment. Norms are coming up to reduce environmental degradation. The trend is shifting from solvent and flex printing to UV and fabrics. Even though it is polyester, the damage to the environment is lesser compared to solvent and flex,” says Vir Vikram Bhatia, managing director of Apsom Technologies.

“Perviously, when the event was being organized by an organizer of Indian origin, the event was growing. Everything else is more or less the same,” adds Bhatia.

As Apsom’s focus is majorly on UV printing solutions, the company displayed hi-speed UV printing machines at its stand. All the machines displayed were capable of printing on fabric and other media. “Apart from this, we also displayed back-to-back printing machine for even visual effects at night and during the day. Its a machine from a Chinese company named Skyjet. The company has the patented technology for back-to-back printing for the last 18 years. Previous versions used solvents for printing but the latest variant is a UV machine,” Bhatia shares.

Currently, similar machines are being sold by HP and EFI but Apsom brought this technology to India at a fairly reduced price.

Quite pleased with the visitor turnout during the event, Bhatia says they received a number of enquiries from visitors from the North and West. Apsom sold 4 machines at the event venue. “We sold one back-to-back printing machine, one machine fabric printing machine and two entry-level hybrid printing machines for printing on flat surface and roll-to-roll. We were lready in talks with these customers and managed to close the deal during the show,” he adds.

The company has registered 30% growth in its business in the last one year and is now looking forward to sell at least 100 machines in FY 18-19.

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