Datalogics offers customized printing options for efficient print workflow


Datalogics, a leading provider of enterprise PDF technologies, recently announced the release of  PDF2PRINT  version 1.1 – a versatile scriptable server tool that provides users with full control over the printing process, facilitating batch printing, and seamless integration of manual and automated print workflows.

Available as an annual subscription, version 1.1 adds additional customization options and functionality to provide users with the ability to specify page orientation (portrait, landscape, auto), select specific input paper trays, and merge multiple PDF files into a single print job. Simplifying the print process, these new features allow users to customize a print job quickly and easily. All print settings are seamlessly manageable with commands through the PDF2PRINT tool. Users can streamline print workflow setup and dramatically reduce the time to both implement and execute print jobs. Unlike other tools, PDF2PRINT offers print output just like Adobe  Acrobat  as it’s available on the  Adobe PDF Library. It also has the unique ability to create exceptionally compact spool files for fast transmission speed; it results in faster print output, especially critical for remote/offsite print workflows, saving the user both time and money.

An enterprise-level tool

“In our experience, users with complex print requirements have a tough time managing and automating their print processes. Challenges include implementing varied combinations of settings such as print orientation, paper tray selection, and managing multiple PDF print files and multiple print devices. This is often further compounded by the pressures associated with time-sensitive print requirements. PDF2PRINT is a document print solution for many industries and applications that need print automation. Users will be provided with an assurance that they are getting an enterprise-level tool. The tool will address all their needs, and help facilitate easier integration into their existing processes,” says Vel Genov, senior product manager for PDF2PRINT.

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