Deirdre Ryder elected president of Global Print

Deirdre Ryder
Left - Dayaker Reddy, newly elected vice-president of Global Print, Right - Deirdre Ryder, elected chair of Global Print

Deirdre Ryder of VITS International was elected as the chair of Global Print at Tokyo on 27 July 2018. She is the president and chief executive officer of VITS International; she is now the first woman to hold the president’s position at the company. Global Print is an international federation of printing industry members. It was created to further the common interests and mutual understanding of printing, paper-making and converting machinery, equipment and consumables. Created in 2006, the company is made up of associations from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States of America.

Alongside Ryder, Dayaker Reddy, president of IPAMA was elected vice-president of Global Print. He is also the chief executive officer of Gutenberg Machinery Manufacturers’ and the managing director of Omsri Saivani Secure Print. Reddy was nominated for the post at a meeting held at IGAS 2018 in Tokyo on 27 July 2018. Additionally, Reddy will serve as the president of Global Print from 2020-22.