Two CROMOMAN and a ROTOMAN – presses for Ethiopia

ROTOMAN HiPrint commercial press
ROTOMAN HiPrint commercial press

Manroland web systems, provider for printing equipment, sells two CROMOMAN presses, and a ROTOMAN HiPrint commercial system to Africa. In doing so, the market position of the company and that of its service partner, Augsburg is emphasized.

Future-proof Investment
Manroland web systems launched three new presses: one ROTOMAN HiPrint commercial press and two CROMOMAN systems, for Ethiopia with its sales and service partner, VIP Systems. The CROMOMANs will print school books while the ROTOMAN will print magazines, inserts, and other standard commercial products.

The company is claimed to be highest in automation and the newspaper presses. The commercial press provided by the company will be equipped with the latest automation features to deliver higher efficiency, productivity, and quality keeping in line with the competitive printing industry of today.