Translating Germany program and Gourmet Gallery by GBO

Gourmet Gallery at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2015
Gourmet Gallery at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2015

The German Book Office in New Delhi is inviting translators to participate in a 2-month translation program to translate German children’s fiction and literary fiction. Translators across India are invited to work with German translation experts in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Malayalam to work in the blended learning and hands-on practice module. Networking mixer for participants will be conducted at the end of the program where they will have an opportunity to interact with Indian and German publishers, editors and fellow translators.

The date and venue of the program are yet to be finalized. However, the program will release the applications soon. For more information, write to Or visit

The Gourmet Gallery – Where pleasure meets business
The Gourmet Gallery will take place in Hall 3.1 in Frankfurt, Germany during the Frankfurt Book Fair between 10 October and 15 October 2018. The program will bring together aficionados and innovative companies from the food and publishing industries. Visitors will get a chance to discover new tastes, trend-setting business concepts and the latest news in nutrition at the exhibition. Visitors to the Gourmet Gallery can find inspiration in cookbooks from all around the world.

The exhibition is close to Show Kitchen, which attracts many visitors at Frankfurt. Every year attendees to the Gourmet Gallery find something from the chefs and their culinary compositions to get them excited.

The Gourmet Gallery in short
Healthy living: In a health-concious world, the quality of food matters more than the quantity of food. Consuming healthy food while enjoying it has become a prime focus. The Gourmet Gallery offers a chance to its visitors to discover more about a healthy way of life.

TV streaming, social media and apps: In order to achieve high ratings in today’s competitive environment, cooking shows and enthusiasts use social channels and digital applications as well as to reach out to like-minded people. Similarly, the Gourmet Gallery is also a place to find innovative concepts in nutrition.

Country image promotion: Every region is inextricably linked to its distinctive local cuisine. Visitors to the Gourmet Gallery at Frankfurter Buchmesse will discover a wide variety of regional culinary delights.

World Cookbook Fair in Frankfurt: In cooperation with Gourmand International, the Gourmet Gallery offers cookbook enthusiasts an array of books on cooking and pleasure from all over the world.

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