Scientifica Tiles in Morbi installs KeraJet Eco printer

Scientifica Tiles in Morbi installs KeraJet Eco printer
The Xaar 2001+ printhead

The exceptional print quality of the Xaar 2001+ printhead is revolutionizing the ceramic tile decoration industry – and now Scientifica Tiles LLP has become the first company in India to utilize its outstanding capabilities.

Based in the tile-making hub of Morbi in Gujarat, Scientifica Tiles is a newly established, family-run business that manufactures high-quality glaze vitrified floor tiles for the Indian, South American, Middle East and Israeli markets. Scientifica Tiles opted for a KERAjet ECO printer with Xaar 2001+ GS12C printheads for its ability to accurately replicate natural marbles and stones, currently much in demand in the market. The manufacturer is benefiting from the printheads’ combination of 2000 nozzles with 720 dpi resolution, which together deliver fine detail, smooth gradients and strong colours.

“We are very excited about the creative opportunities offered by the Xaar 2001+ printheads, and the print quality we are getting is extremely high,” says Hiren Vadaviya, director of Scientifica Tiles. “Compared to other printheads that are available, a big advantage with the Xaar 2001+ is the fact that it can reproduce the subtle color gradients of marbles and stones, making it ideal for these designs.” High-resolution 720 dpi delivers exceptionally fine detail that can accurately capture even the smallest features, such as rock veins and grains of sand. It enables smooth gradients in areas of low ink coverage (0-10% range), allowing flawless replication of the subtle tones found in onyx, for example.

The Xaar 2001+ GS12C can deliver strong colors when required, with an ink laydown of up to 40 grams per square meter at 25 meters a minute line speed – and with no compromise on resolution. Scientifica Tiles has also opted to utilize Xaar’s High Laydown (HL) Technology for special effects. These bars are currently being added to the machine, and will come into production by May. HL Technology enables exceptional special effects such as gloss, adhesive (glue) and metallic, with ink laydown of up to 120 grams per square meter at 35 meters a minute line speed.

“The Xaar 2001+ with High Laydown Technology is unrivalled in the market, and allows tile manufacturers around the world to deliver more creativity than ever before,” says Gerard Winn, senior product manager at Xaar. Vadaviya concludes by saying, “Because we believe in healthy competition and wish to see our country produce the highest-quality products possible, we recommend the Xaar 2001+ printhead to all tile manufacturers in India. For ceramic tile decoration, the Xaar 2001+ printhead is definitely the best option available.”

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