Fujifilm launches new website for the inkjet orienting segment

Fujifilm launches new website for the inkjet orienting segment
L-R: Sandip Thanawala of Neat Graphics and SM Ramprasad of Fujifilm at the unveiling of www.powerofinkjet.com website at Fujifilm Mumbai office

On 18 April, Fujifilm India unveiled a dedicated website (www.powerofinkjet.in) for customers in the inkjet printing segment. You can check greengeeks.com review of the website here. The unveiling was done by Sandip Thanawala of Mumbai-based Neat Graphics, who is one of Fujifilm’s most important customers, in the presence of SM Ramprasad, head of department – Graphics Arts division, Fujifilm India.

“Through this website, customers can not only know about Fujifilm’s inkjet solutions but can also get acquainted with the latest developments in the inkjet industry and about new applications that they can work on. However, this website is not an overt selling platform but more of a knowledge-sharing platform,” said Ramprasad.

Thanawala added, “Many customers call me from smaller cities who want to know about certain things. With this website, they can now acquire knowledge not only about Fujifilm but also about the development in the inkjet segment.”

Through the website customers can request for demos, learn how to manage color, gain knowledge on curing processes, ink technology, creative printing and UV flatbed printers, among others. The website also has customer testimonials and their success stories. The website is meant for customers in wide format, commercial and packaging segments.

Success of Acuity series in India
Fujifilm India has tasted huge success in the flatbed printing segment with its Acuity series of flatbed printers. In a little over two years, the company has managed to have an installation base of 70 Acuity flatbed printers in India. The installation base is spread across more than 26 cities in India with an impressive number of installations in tier-2 cities such as Allahabad, Trichy, Surat and Sangli, to name a few.

Fujifilm 2Official launch of the website

“The success of Acuity series has been very impressive. The shift towards UV has been much faster than we anticipated, especially in the tier-2 cities. It is easier to gain foothold in smaller cities as the customers there are open minded about UV technology. We now hope to double our installation base over the next one year,” Ramprasad shared.

According to Ramprasad, Fujifilm’s demo center has played a very important role in the success of the Acuity series. Located in the northern Mumbai suburb of Dahisar, the demo center was inaugurated about two years ago and at present has two Acuity LED printers. The center has had a positive impact on the sales as well because live experience has given printers the confidence to go for the investment. Fujifilm India is now planning to set a similar demo center in Gurugram for customers in the northern part of the country, Ramprasad added.

Positive news on Jet Press 720S soon
Fujifilm India made a soft launch of the Jet Press 720S press at Pamex 2017 that was held in Mumbai. Although Fujifilm did not display the press during Pamex, it used the platform to aggressively promote the powerful next-generation B2 sheet-fed digital inkjet press. The press comes with a raft of technical enhancements that make short-run printing a breeze. Its quality, amazing uptime and true variable data printing make this press a production work-horse.

According to Ramprasad, a large number of customers from the commercial and packaging segment are keen on the Jet Press 720S press. “We have a funnel list of about 20 customers in India who are interested in buying the Jet Press 720S press. This list is a combination of customers from the commercial and packaging segments. Some concrete announcement on this front is expected in the next couple of months,” Ramprasad said, adding that globally there are more than 100 Jet Press 720S presses installed in the commercial printing and packaging segments.

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