The Spectro LFP qb spectral unit

Spectro LFP

Barbieri, a global name in Spectrophotometer devices, has come up with a new product named Spectro LFP qb. The company aims to guarantee their customers the benchmark in reliable color measuring technology. The detachable measuring head of Spectro LFP qb offers greater flexibility in work and eases spot measurement. The measured colors are visualized instantly in the touch display while the spectral values are forwarded to the computer through WiFi or USB for further processing.

The new qb technology has been a success for the company. The system comprises an ultra-precise spectral core, three light sources for uniform illumination of the media surface from three different angles, and seven LEDs per light source for real M1 daylight illumination pursuant to the standard – an absolute must for many customers including all businesses that work in conformity with M1 and are committed to an uncompromising standard of quality.

Apart from the detachable head for spot measurement and color matching, the device enables measurement of fluorescing inks, has a touch display with optimum battery operation and Wifi and USB connections.

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