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Created in 2000, Publish Asia is an annual meeting place for the Asian newspaper and news publishing industry. More than 400 media executives from over 30 different countries will gather in Bali (Indonesia) on 24-26 April for three days of exciting masterclasses, conference sessions and networking events.

The event will offer key insights on how to keep innovating in print without missing out the key transformations that are required to prepare for a digital-centric future. Conferences sessions will address the management and business issues facing newspaper publishers  and examine emerging new business models and revenue streams. Publish Asia will primarily focus on repositioning and optimizing today’s news publishing business with an emphasis on print, which represents the core of our industry.

The event will also offer dedicated sessions focusing on  the challenges facing editors, newsroom managers and journalists today. This includes new initiatives, trends and solutions but also some of the heavyweight issues of concern to editors, including challenges to press freedom, the safety of journalists and sustainability.

Speakers from across the globe will present discussions around business models for news, collaborative investigative journalism, high-value print production, partnering with platforms, and content marketing, transparency and brand safety. Speakers Scilla Alecci and Wahyu Dhyatmika will also offer a one-day masterclass on Collaborative Investigative Journalism. This will cover how massive global projects such as the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers were managed and published, and how to identify possible projects in local markets which may require national, regional or global collaboration.

Some of the key speakers to participate in the event include Sarmad Ali, managing director, Jang Media Group; Grzegorz Piechota, research associate, Harvard Business School and Oxford University, United Kingdom; Scilla Alecci, investigative reporter and video journalist, ICIJ; Md. Tajdin Hassan, head of marketing, The Daily Star; Alok Sanwal, chief operating officer, Dainik Jagran I-NEXT; Manfred Werfel, deputy chief executive officer, WAN-IFRA; and Sanat Hazra, technical and production director, The Times of India.

The sessions and conferences will be followed by the Asian Media Awards 2018, on 25 April. The awards honor publishers for their leading digital offerings in Asia.

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