MadeToPrint QuarkXPress available for Quark Publishing Platform 2017

MadeToPrint QuarkXPress available for Quark Publishing Platform 2017

Developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, axaio software, has announced the availability of MadeToPrint XPress for Quark Publishing Platform 2017.

Publishing PlatformProduction processes leading to the final printed document need to be as efficient and reliable as possible, especially when handling specialized documents in multiple languages and versions. axaio MadeToPrint offers streamlined and faultless production with standardized file naming and path handling, adding info bars, handling language layers and providing an imposed file ready for digital print output. This adds a tremendous efficiency increase, and considerable time and cost savings. Additionally, MadeToPrint Auto can be integrated with different editorial systems, as for example Quark Publishing Platform, for a status-based output.

O’Sullivan Communications, a long-time MadeToPrint customer in the US, is developing a variety of multilingual products and services to meet project requirements in any industry. The company has a multilingual, multicultural in-house team of skilled professionals who provide among others layout and publishing, translations, prepress, and printing. MadeToPrint Auto for Quark Publishing Platform is a fixed part of their standardized print production workflow for many years, as it ensures a reliable and consistent output of all different document versions.

The team around Marty Yaeger, vice president — Publishing Technology of O’Sullivan Communications, relies on MadeToPrint in their daily work. “From day one, we have experienced an excellent ROI and have an all digital workflow. Accuracy and consistency of file preparation are critical to our operation, and MadeToPrint ensures both. We have enjoyed huge time-savings with the automation and handsfree operation of MadeToPrint. Time after time, it has proven to be a must-have tool that we rely on heavily. Without this tool, we would need at least one employee to perform the functions provided by MadeToPrint, and hope this person can provide the accuracy and consistency of a machine,” says Yaeger.

Pricing and availability
The new MadeToPrint Auto version is available at a cost of € 2,490, and with integration to Quark Publishing Platform at € 4,490.

A free trial version of MadeToPrint is available on the axaio website and can be used without any restrictions.

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