Flux Preflight Pro for Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro Flux

Flux Preflight Pro for Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro Flux

Konika Minolta business solutions’ European subsidiary, dots Software, has released Flux Preflight Pro, an option that allows users to apply preflight profiles from pdfToolbox from Callas. Flux Preflight Pro enables the use of the Callas pdfToolbox to check and optimize files for printing automatically. It assigns a suitable profile appropriate for the particular type of print output during the configuration process, which is then used to validate and optimize the files for output. Prepress operators also have the option to create their own profiles in pdfToolbox for use in Flux. Users are informed about the validation results and changes through comprehensive reporting.

“Automatically applying preflight profiles from pdfToolbox optimizes print data when sending it to in-house or external print shops, thus allowing the printers to work directly with the data,” says Michael Fluh, head of product development at dots Software. “This saves our time and their effort in their day-to-day work. There is no need for maintenance and additional installation since the pdfToolbox technology is directly integrated into AccurioPro Flux.”

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AccurioPro Flux is a modular print workflow solution developed by dots Software, exclusively for Konica Minolta. Depending on the customer’s need to automate prepress processes, collaborating on printing work or deploying an online print shop, dots Software offers three versions of the product. AccurioPro Flux Essential, the base product, is a toolbox for efficient prepress work with the focus on automating common processes and controlling all production devices centrally. AccurioPro Flux Premium includes a central server enabling teams of print operators to collaborate on projects and features a range of evaluation and control functions.

AccurioPro Ultimate is a comprehensive product that includes an online shop or eCommerce storefront for business customers offering easy to use print ordering online. Flux Preflight Pro with integrated pdfToolbox technology is available for premium and ultimate versions of AccurioPro Flux.