Pamex’17 roadshows

Pamex’17 roadshows

The November edition of Pamex Roadshows began with Pandharpur. The Glassroot Contact Programme was held on Sunday, 5 November, 2017. The event was organised by Pandharpur Yuva Mudrak Sangh. Prakash Joshi, joint secretary of All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) was present at the event along with 70 other printers who were eagerly waiting for the event to begin.

Solapur 1

The Pamex Glassroot Programme was also held at Solapur on 5 November 2017 driving massive interest in the exhibition. The event was organised by Solapur Mudrak Sangh. Ravindra Joshi, vice president (west) of AIFMP and Prakash Joshi joint secretary of AIFMP were present at the roadshow along with Tushar Dhote, chairman of Pamex. The latest happenings and developments of Pamex 2017 were discussed at the show.