Venkataramana Graphics offers digital spot UV & 3D foil printer

Venkataramana Graphics offers digital spot UV & 3D foil printer
BVK Prasad of Venkataramana Graphics

Following Labelexpo in Brussels, Venkataramana Graphics based in Hyderabad has signed up to sell Vision Tech’s digital spot UV and 3D foil system in India. The Korean manufactured digital enhancement machine can create spot UV and 3D foil effects similar to other well-known brands at a very competitive price.

Hyderabad has become one of the leading printing and packaging centers in the country with a strong cluster of major commercial, signage, carton, label and flexible packaging printers. In each of these segments, Hyderabad has produced a leader in terms of quality and scale. The ancillary equipment, trade houses for plates and consumable suppliers of Hyderabad have also grown over the years and are amongst the best because they are dealing with the most innovative, fastest growing and most decisive printers in the country.

Venkataramana Graphics is an engineering-based supplier of new Amsky CtPs and Jwei digital sample makers, Epson and JHF wide format inkjet printers, the unique and compact Unibind digital foiling printer and now the Vision Tech digital spot UV and 3D foil printer. The company is owned and managed by BVK Prasad, who was earlier employed as a senior engineer by the company. Prasad purchased the company from its former owner four years ago and has grown it enormously in terms of products, services and turnover. He has developed the engineering and service focus of the company, which now has 16 engineers. In addition, in September this year, Prasad opened an office in Kochi. 

The company is a supplier of wide format inkjet signage printers and consumables from Epson and JHF. It also supplies refurbished CtPs from a variety of manufacturers including BasysPrint and Fujifilm. Because of Prasad’s own extensive hands-on experience as a CtP engineer, the company has over 60 CtP customers around the country and with all its products and services is a supplier to over 100 companies. Specializing in CtCP, the company achieved a significant milestone with the installation in August of the Amsky VLF CtCP to Deepti Printers in Hyderabad. 

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