DB Corp upgrades its web offset presses with QIPC-EAE

DB Corp upgrades its web offset presses with QIPC-EAE

In the past year, the Dainik Bhaskar group, which publishes newspapers in English, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi and Gujarati, has upgraded its web offset presses around the country with color registration systems from QI Press Controls-Engineering Automation Electronics (QIPC-EAE) based in the Netherland and with the head office of its Indian-owned subsidiary in Ahmedabad. This is a part of the trend where Indian newspapers are optimizing their single width single circumference presses for competitive color quality and reducing costs associated with wastage.

At the beginning of the year, DB Corp ordered an mRD-3D color register system with 16 cameras for its Manugraph M360 press in Shivdaspura. A pair of mRC-3D 14-camera systems was ordered for similar presses in Bhopal. For the DB Corp plant in Noida, an mRC-3D system with 12 cameras was installed on a Prakash Newsline 36 web offset. For its Manugraph M360 press in Aurangabad, a 12-camera mRC-3D color register has been installed. All the presses have also been fitted with optional Automatic Ink Mist Shields (AIMS) for cleaning the camera lenses that are part of the new register systems. “Our aim is to bring about time savings in achieving color registration and print with higher quality and consistency while saving both white and printed waste,” says Dinesh Sharma, vice president of production for DB Corp.

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