manroland web systems helping in improving productivity, reducing costs

manroland web systems helping in improving productivity
The manroland web systems service covers the entire service offerings

manroland web systems has increasingly become a provider of overall solutions for all classical web offset users and the newly developed market segments of digital and packaging printing. The company has been focusing on reducing costs and increasing productivity and flexibility—with a strong focus on customer benefit.

The manroland web systems service covers the entire service offerings. From consultation about the ideal wear and spare parts in original quality, training, classical repair service, upgrade and automation solutions to maintenance of the press systems—everything is available as a complete package now with the new service contracts.

The company offers comprehensive service contracts with all major offerings for the entire lifecycle of the press. The focus lies on developing new concepts with automated solutions according to Industry 4.0 but also in offering all solutions from a single source.

Since the manroland web systems service contracts are presented as a comprehensive package, they offer immense cost savings, planning capability and faster and more effective handling of jobs. This means maintenance, revisions, spare part packages and flat rates, and a 24/7 TeleSupport (TSC).

Also, in the future there will be the possibility for renting manroland web systems staff on site that amongst others is responsible for all maintenance activities. The packages are not only designed for manroland web systems components but also for all components of every other supplier; therewith the customer only has one contact and gets highest warranty.