Complete pre-press, print and finishing set-up at JSC First Model Printing House

Complete pre-press
One of the two large-format KBA Rapida 164 perfector presses for 4/4 production in 120 x 164 cm format

KBA-Digital & Web and its Austrian partner OD Systeme Handels-und Vertriebs GmbH have successfully completed installation of a complete prepress, print and finishing set-up at JSC First Model Printing House in Chekhov, Russia.

The investment package comprised two 8-color Rapida 164 perfector presses for large-format 4-over-4 production and a 5-color medium-format Rapida 105 with coater from KBA-Sheetfed, an HP Indigo 10000 digital press, a large-format Magnus VLF Q2400 platesetter line from Kodak, cutting machines from Perfecta, automatic embossing and casemaking machines from Kolbus, large-format folding machines from Herzog + Heymann, pile turners from Baumann, a gilding machine from Ochsner, a sewing line from Meccanotecnica and other auxiliary equipment. The various machines from suppliers in five different countries were installed and commissioned over a period of two years up to the end of 2016, in accordance with a timetable and implementation.

Twenty-five years ago, the plant in Chekhov was the largest in the country, with over 5,000 employees producing mainly magazines and other high-volume products. After comprehensive restructuring, the Chekhov branch of JSC First Model Printing House today counts around 400 employees and produces approximately 22 million case-bound and paperback books each year. In addition to books in various styles and formats, a broad product portfolio includes brochures, photobooks, calendars, cards and photo wallpapers.