HV Sheth, president, IPAMA, elected president of Asia Print Association

HV Sheth

HV Sheth, president, IPAMA, has been elected as president of Asia Print Association (APA) in the Asia Print Meeting held during China Print, at Beijing, on 10 May 2017. Representatives from nine Asian countries present in the meeting elected Sheth unanimously. Sheth’s dynamic leadership of IPAMA has set a milestone globally, which shows that IPAMA has a strong presence among the international printing fraternity.

Sheth replaced Jianguo Xu of Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC), the outgoing president of the association. The other notable members of APA are Belle Yam of Kaizer Exhibitions & Conference Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia and Jude Sanjeev Mohan of The Sri Lanka Association of Printers, both of whom are vice presidents of the association.